Third day of Transilvania Train Adventure

In just two months you will get on the board of the first Romanian authentic touristic train and so we should tell you about the activities we prepared for you in the third day of our adventure with the Transylvania Train.

We will wake up in one of the most charming medieval fortress in Romania, but unfortunately, we don’t have time to lose because our schedule is full and time waits for no one. After the night spent in Alba Iulia, the train will take us to one of the most symbolic cities of the country: the medieval  Mullabach or also known today as Sebes, a town founded in 12th century by the Saxons called here by the king of Hungary.

Here, we will enjoy a rare thing, an exceptional artistic act, the old Roman basilica, the most important monument in Sebes, will open its gates and the choir and the organ from 1893 will delight our hearing with a concert of classical music.

After the visit at the Sebes Church, a special program has been prepared for us: the girl who cooks with flowers, Claudia Romana-Rista, will offer us a unique gastronomical experience, with tradition. In this workshop, we will be separated in groups and we will prepare traditional foods after Transylvanian recipes. Later, we will all eat the food prepared by each group. After this activity, which will take about four hours, we will embark on the train again and go to Sibiu where we will arrive around 6pm. As we get there we will take the coach to Astra Museum where for the next 2 hours cheerfulness and interesting stories will be the special ingredients of our dinner at Cârciuma din Bătrâni, a Romanian traditional inn.

As you see, in the third day most of our time will be spent on the train, delighting ourselves with stories about the old times when the Transylvanian Fortress was bravely facing the Turkish.

In the evening we will arrive in Sibiu, and spend the night at the Continental Hotel or Ibis Hotel, both being placed in the city center.

Stay close, the story is not over yet!