A tourist event, a train trip, but not only. A chain of unique experiences: from tiling to wine tasting and untold stories about the people of Transylvania. Four medieval towns in which we stay in the best hotels: Brasov, Sighisoara, Alba Iulia and Sibiu, where we will be greeted as some of the most outstanding guests on the red carpet. Musical events specially organized for us: organ concert, fanfare and classical music concert. Culinary experiences gathered from the ancient recipes of the minorities that influenced the Transylvanian region.

Get on Transilvania Train to experience a mix of authentic emotions and unique activities!


Day 1


Individual arrival in Brasov, with check-in starting 3.00pm.

It is time to meet each other, to introduce us easily to the Transylvanian region.

We all gather at 7.00pm in Brasov for a welcome cocktail. Having a glass of Romanian liqueur and snacks from Transylvania, we start the Transilvania Train 2018.

Accommodation at Brasov,  4* Hotel

Day 2


– Haferland Area

At 09.00am, we go to Brasov Railway Station, when in the sound of the fanfare, we get on the first Romanian tourist train – Transilvania Train.

For two hours we enjoy Romanian premium wines and cheeses, discovering the first stories of Transylvania, from the gorge and the volcano of Racos to the Szekler settlement.

At noon we get off at the train station in Mureni.

We arrive in Oat Country named Haferland. During this day we discover the stories of the fortified churches of Saschiz, Viscri and Crit, Bunesti and Mesendorf/Cloasterf, stories complemented by the locals who have enriched this region.

At 1.30pm, we arrive in Crit, at The Kraus House, the former parish house, where we have lunch with Haferland specialties and relax in the courtyard of the fortified church.

From 3.00pm we continue exploring Haferland, we enjoy the locals, and we marvel listening to their story.

We leave Haferland and get out of its mirage and head for Sighisoara.

Starting 7.30pm we are waiting in the restaurant of Double Tree by Hilton from Sighisoara for a dinner with selected dishes.

At 9.00pm we start the most spectacular tour of The Sighisoara Citadel, a nocturnal tour as it has not been seen, accompanied by the famous drummer of the fortress.

Accommodation at Sighisoara, 4* Hotel

Day 3


– Traditional Crafts

At 08.30am, after breakfast, we head to the train station in Sighisoara where Transilvania Train is waiting for us to explore a new destination in Siebenburgen: surroundings of Medias.

Again, on board we will enjoy the stories and landscapes of Transylvania with a cup of coffee or tea and a glass of Romanian wine.

At 10.00am we take off at Medias Train Station and, in groups, we will head to the destinations for the first cultural experiences of the area. Throughout the day we will experience the traditions of Transylvanian culture.

Starting 1.00pm, without leaving the landscape and the state given by the craft workshops, we’ll have lunch. Another opportunity to enjoy the dishes from the heart of Transylvania.

We continue the afternoon with the second chosen workshop, crafting alongside the locals and popular artists, passionate about the beauty, which will share with us the secrets kept for generations.

After the workshops, at 4.30pm, we board the buses for going to the train, which is waiting for us at Copsa Mica Station, with snacks and cold beer, for a trip of almost three hours to Alba Iulia where we will be greeted as outstanding guests.


Accommodation at Alba Iulia, 4* Hotel

Day 4


– Gastronomy of Transylvania

At 09:00am we start the day with a tour of the Alba Carolina Citadel. Accompanied by passionate guides of the historic city, we will recall an important part of Romania’s history.

At 11:30am, Transilvania Train meets us on the platform of Alba Iulia Station to take us to the following destination: the medieval Mullbach, nowadays called Sebes.

Here we attend a special event: The Evangelical Church in Sebeș opens its doors and the organ from 1893 will delight us with an unique concert.

We continue the series of memorable events with an unique gastronomic experience where we all will be involved – together we will cook and discover recipes of Transylvanian dishes, cooked with beer. At lunchtime, we will enjoy the taste of the dishes prepared by ourselves.

At 5.50pm we get on the train and for almost two hours, we admire the landscapes of Marginimea Sibiului and we enjoy the stories of the times when the strong fortifications of Sibiu were fighting against the Turks attacks.

At 7:30pm we get to Sibiu where we have the last accommodation.

After a short relaxation break, starting at 9:00pm, we invite you to a party in the historic town (at Oldies Pub) with drinks and snacks.

It is the last night together and it is worth honoring it properly!

Accommodation at Sibiu, 4* Hotel

Day 5


– Sibiu and Fagaras County

After breakfast, we will enjoy the streets and squares of Sibiu, and from 10.00am we attend a special event – violins will delight our senses with a lot of great works of classical and contemporary music.

After this moment of joy, we go to the station, where we get on the train again. At 11:40am we will head to Fagaras Citadel.

Starting 1.30pm, inside the fortress, we also have lunch, the last meal in Transilvania Train, a reunion of Transylvanian cuisine.

The final stage of our journey from Fagaras to Brasov, will be a great opportunity to change travel impressions, e-mail addresses or facebook profiles, with a glass of sparkling wine and a lot of good will.

Around 5.00pm, after five days of memorable experiences, we will reach the final destination of our trip: Brasov Railway Station.

All inclusive on the rails” package Transilvania Train includes:

  • train and bus/minibus transportation throughout the 5 days;
  • 4 nights of accommodation (breakfast included) in 4* hotels in Brasov, Sighisoara, Alba Iulia and Sibiu;
  • all meals and snacks, coffee, tea and soft and alcoholic beverages;
  • 2 workshops of choice on Day 2 and the culinary workshop on Day 3;
  • guided tours according to schedule and entrances to tourist attractions;
  • all activities in the train and landing cities: wine, beer and traditional products tasting,traditional workshops, concerts and some surprises.

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I feel like I was part of an extremely successful experiment. The program was of good quality, the staff who accompanied us throughout the trip, from the agencies, had a professional attitude (careful, managerial, interactive, but with discretion); organizing the impeccable journey (especially lack of care of luggage). I had a slight embarrassment at first with so many cameras and advertising around, but eventually, I forgot that they were there.

Gabriela Nedita

Attendee T-Train 2017

And now, a few days after coming, I am filled with joy by the memories of my experience in Transilvania Train. An extraordinary effort from an enthusiastic team, always benevolent and smiling, although fatigue has spoken, a project that I long for because it is necessary to be original, authentic, to keep the connection with the traditions, the Romanian village, the way of life of the minorities, with all our culture and history. I can evaluate very well the performance of forces for such a project and the fact that it happened is exclusively due to ambitious, idealistic people who do not know what "impossible" means, which exceed their limits and sometimes struggle with the system and with the challenges and unexpected situations that occur in such an event. I'm grateful for the wonderful moments and good memories. Thanks for an experience in which almost every step was pleasantly surprised and I never felt the "crisis" situation or your effort. You are wonderful Free Spirit Travel and GLOBE 360 - Travel Boutique. You are the kind of people who sanctify the place, move things and leave the mark wherever they go. Let's celebrate together at least 100 Transilvania Train editions, deal?

Cristina Dornean

Attendee T-Train 2017

The program was very well structured, organized, gave us the freedom of everyone to choose what we want, and we also visited the most important places in the areas we went. I liked that there was no moment of monotony, and the team was always well-prepared, ready to help and give us any details we needed.

Irina Zamfirescu

Attendee T-Train 2017

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