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Transilvania Train 2018

Join the Transilvania Train Adventure and join us to discover Transylvania! We have prepared traditional activities, we will visit fairy places and travel over 600 km together with many nice people.


I feel like I was part of an extremely successful experiment. The program was of good quality, the staff who accompanied us throughout the trip, from the agencies, had a professional attitude (careful, managerial, interactive, but with discretion); organizing the impeccable journey (especially lack of care of luggage). I had a slight embarrassment at first with so many cameras and advertising around, but eventually, I forgot that they were there.

Gabriela Nedita

Attendee T-Train 2017

A wonderful and welcoming experience. Surprising. An excellent opportunity to discover new places, parts of our history and culture, to meet new people & relax.

Cristina Dornean

Attendee T-Train 2017

The program was very well structured, organized, gave us the freedom of everyone to choose what we want, and we also visited the most important places in the areas we went. I liked that there was no moment of monotony, and the team was always well-prepared, ready to help and give us any details we needed.

Irina Zamfirescu

Attendee T-Train 2017