Transilvania Train Adventure

25 August – 29 August 2021

Starting from:

780 € / person

5 days, more than 20 fortifications visited, 15 traditional workshops, 600 km of travel, 200 participants! Transilvania Train is a touristic experience that takes place only once a year, a legendary adventure through the heart of Transylvania. During the 5-day trip we will explore the traditions, values ​​and culture of Transylvania, taste traditional Saxon cuisine and take part in memorable shows and concerts organized in special locations such as fortified churches or the center of medieval towns.

Transilvania Train 2020 offers a complete and complex touristic package that involves participants in traditional and cultural experiences, each of the 5 days having its own theme: day 1 – meet & greet day; Day 2 – the story of the fortified churches in Transylvania; Day 3 – the story of traditional castles and crafts; day 4 – traditional Transylvanian cuisine; day 5 – cultural events in Sibiu.

In this adventure, the train has a central place linking the visited locations and serving at the same time as a place where the participants and the organizing team can meet and connect with new friends, taste local wines and enjoy the legends and the stories of visited places. For more details, we invite you to see the schedule here.

We are waiting for you on board, in 2020 Transilvania Train!

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