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Last day of the Transylvania Train adventure. Sibiu and Fagaras County.

Transylvania Train begins with only one step: decide yourself.

As long as there is not much time till departure, here’s what we prepared for you the last day!

Once we wake up in one of the oldest cities in the country, we’ll have breakfast, and then we’ll take a short walk. An exceptional artistic performance awaits us: in the Piata Mica (Small Square) in Sibiu, violins will delight our senses with areas of great works of classical music.

After these moments of joy, we return to reality and head to the train that will take us further in our adventure, to the fortress given by Michael the Brave to his wife, Doamna Stanca, namely to Fagaras.

Getting here, we will take a tour of the impressive fortification, find some of the secrets, and we will have dinner at one of the traditional restaurants. And as all beautiful adventures come to an end, the last part of it will be the perfect opportunity to change opinions and contact numbers.

At noon, after four days of traveling, we will return to where we left from: Brasov Railway Station. How? Full of nostalgia, but with the certainty that in just 4 days we have gained information and occupations that will enrich our lives, beautiful memories and maybe even new and valuable friends.

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