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Royal Salon of the North Railway Station

You enter the North Railway Station on the main entrance from the columns. About 50 meters away, on the right side, you will find a “jewel”, right here where hundreds of passengers get on daily trains. Enter the Royal Salon and you are one of those who will visit this train station as a tourist looking for treasure.

From the North Railway Station daily departs and arrives over 200 trains. A small part of the travelers in these trains had the opportunity to enter the Royal Salon. The North Railway Station has a history related of royalty. It was inaugurated in 1868 by Carol I, in a place chosen by the ruler. One room still preserves the charm of these times and this is the Royal Salon. It was also inaugurated by Carol I in 1896, especially for the visit of the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary. It was restored in 1926 and then, in 2013 in the presence of Princess Margareta and Prince Radu and then regained its name as the Royal Salon because after the abdication of King Michael it was called the Official Salon. The salon preserves the impressive style of the Empire and is part of the royal family’s history, being the waiting room when they were traveling by train.

And if we are talking about history, in this salon, in 1928, in the presence of King Michael here was presented the first steam locomotive, built by the Malaxa factories.

The launch of the Transylvania Train 2018 is one of the few opportunities where we can admire and breathe the history of the North Station and the royal family, the high doors being opened only for special events. The Royal Salon is now the official entrance of the Country Capital for the passengers of the Orient Express. The walls covered with marble, lamps from Paris, furniture made of red velvet and especially the impressive ceiling of the walls decorated with applications, will be the scenery for this event.


Launch of the Transylvania Train 2018 Edition.

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  • Marius
    Friday February 16th, 2018 at 02:51 AM

    Ideea e foarte buna, dar am o intrebare: se adreseaza si strainilor? Aveti ceva ghid in limba engleza? Vreau sa aduc niste prieteni din UK si ma intereseaza aspectul. Multumesc

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