Last day of Transilvania Train Adventure

We are passengers, not tourists! We’re not travelling just to arrive at a destination, but for the trip itself, for the memories we will get and an adventure like Transilvania Train starts with just one step: to decide!

As there’s no much time left, here is what we prepared for the last day:

In the morning we will find ourselves in one of the oldest cities in Romania, we will eat the breakfast and after that we’ll take a short walk through the city. There will be a concert taking place at the Small Square of Sibiu where violins will delight our senses with parts of some well-known classical music songs.

After those magical moments, we will come back to the real world because we have to continue our adventure at the next destination: Fagaras, the fortress which was given as a present by Mihai Viteazul to his wife, Doamna Stanca.

As we arrive here, we’ll make a tour of the impressive fortress, discovering some of its secrets and after that we will take the lunch at a Romanian traditional food restaurant.  And as every adventure comes to an end, the last part of it will be the perfect chance to discuss impressions and exchange contact numbers.

In the afternoon, after four days of traveling, we will go back from where we started: Brasov train stration. How? With a nostalgic feeling, but also with the confidence that you gained, in only four days, not only information which will enrich our life, but also beautiful memories and maybe, new friendships.