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Day 1 of the Transylvania Train adventure – the Haferland Zone

As you know, on the last day of the month that bears the name of the Roman Emperor Caesar August, accompanied by the sound of the fanfare, from Brasov station we will get on the first Romanian tourist train: Transylvania Train. It’s not long before we start the adventure and that’s why we’ve decided to detail the activities of the first day.


During the first hours in the train, along the Racos gorge and until the Szekler settlement, while the locomotive will puff on the metallic bridges, we will get to know and discover the first stories of Transylvania. Of course, with a glass of premium wine in hand, wine from the barrels of Tohani, Lacerta or 1000 Chipuri.


The first landing takes place in Archita railway station, from where we head towards Saschiz. In Saschiz, we will be picked up by a group of coaches and explore the Oats Country, also known as Haferland. At Crit we will have lunch with our traditional Saxon dishes, specific to this region. Later on, we will continue to explore the Oats County and pass through Mesendorf and Fiser villages where we discover a fairy tale area and the traditions and customs of the Saxon culture. Then we will arrive at Rupea Station and we will head to Sighisoara, where we accomodate and have dinner.


If we still have the strength, in the first evening of the adventure we will tour the famous fortress Sighisoara, a fortification built between two hills, which, due to the architecture mixing both Gothic and Renaissance elements, is included in the UNESCO patrimony.

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