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Jidvei – wines form the heart of Transylvania

Jidvei is one of the most famous, loved and respected wine producers of Romania. The Romanian viticultural landscape was and is still influenced by Jidvei. Starting with the second edition of Transylvania Train in 2018, Jidvei is our partner and that is why we have designed together a viticulture workshop for the Transylvanian Train passengers at the Bethlem-Haller castle in Cetatea de Baltă. Here, 30 train passengers will find out why Transylvania, and especially the Târnavelor area, is so suitable for white varieties, why Feteasca Albă and Feteasca Regală are so loved by Romanians, how do people from Jidvei succeed to obtain and offer wines of the same quality not for several years, but for generations. In Jidvei they will also learn right in the garden behind the castle how to distinguish the grape varieties by color, the shape of the leaf or the grape bunch. We’ll do all this in the company of a glass of wine, because the theory doesn’t work without the practice. So, we also have a tasting of the most representative varieties of Jidvei.

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