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Felting workshop

Felt is the oldest textile material used by humanity, less popular in the Mediterranean countries, here in Transylvania, the felt was used and appreciated to its true value: warm, durable, waterproof, the most valuable textile material of the Middle Ages. Transylvanian felt masters, organized in guilds since the mid-1200s, were recognized for the quality of the produced materials, and their guild was present in all the cities and fairs in the area. The craft has lasted over time, new technological processes have been discovered and the basic material has diversified, so today, using procedures of more than 200 years old, the felt masters of Transylvania make an impressive palette of things: from clothing to decorative and housekeeping objects.

At Alma Vii, for a few hours we will sink into the universe these guilds, and we will try together to make small objects using traditional tools.

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