A tourist event, a train trip, but not only. A chain of unique experiences: from tinkling to wine tasting and untold stories about the people of Transylvania. Three medieval towns where we are hosts of the best hotels: Sighisoara, Alba Iulia and Sibiu where we will be greeted with drums and noise or cannons. Musical events specially organized for us: organ concert, fanfare and classical music concert. Culinary experiences gathered from the past recipes of minorities that influenced the Transylvanian region.

Come to Transylvania Train to experience a mix of authentic emotions and innovative activities, all included in the chosen package.

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Last day of Transilvania Train Adventure

We are passengers, not tourists! We’re not travelling just to arrive at a destination, but for the trip itself, for the memories we will get and an adventure like Transilvania Train starts with just one step: to decide! As there’s no much time left, here is what we prepared for the last day: In the...
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Third day of Transilvania Train Adventure

In just two months you will get on the board of the first Romanian authentic touristic train and so we should tell you about the activities we prepared for you in the third day of our adventure with the Transylvania Train. We will wake up in one of the most charming medieval fortress in Romania,...
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